Juggernaut Wars will be updated soon with a couple of new PvP modes

My.Com’s Juggernaut Wars games for Android will be receiving a new update later this month that brings with it a couple of new PvP modes for players to try out. While these new modes are the biggest part of the upcoming update, they are not the only features to be making their debut when the update arrives.

The two new PvP modes are a clan-based PvP mode, and a real-time PvP mode. The clan-based PvP mode will have clans going into battle against one another in order to earn top spot in the clan leaderboards. This will also net the top clans some pretty big rewards at the end of each ‘season’. The clan matches will be divided into a couple of phases, that being an attack phase and a defense phase. Clans will need to figure out a strategy where they are able to set up a decent defense, and still have enough strength to attack the rival clan they are facing with the remaining heroes.

When there’s no clan battles going on, or if you’re not in a clan, there’s a new one-on-one PvP mode arriving with this update. This will be a real-time synchronous PvP mode where players will enter a tactical standoff even before the actual battle starts. This is where heroes get selected for each player’s team, one after another. This is pretty similar to how teams are picked in a MOBA style game. Both players can see the other player’s hero choices, so the goal is to pick the best fighters for the situation.

There will be additional features and tweaks arriving to Juggernaut Wars when the update arrives, but for right now this is all that has been announced. When the update arrives on November 21st, 2016, or if we get more information before then, we will post an update. If you haven’t checked this game out and want to, Juggernaut Wars can be downloaded off of Google Play for free. You can check out the update’s trailer in the video below.

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