Jumanji: The Curse Returns Launching on Android in November

Fancy playing a game of Jumanji? We mean, who doesn’t want to get sucked into a jungle world, or accidentally unleash a heard of rhinos on their unsuspecting town? No one, that’s who.

And now you can do all (some) of that from the comfort of your mobile phone. Or you will be able to next month, when Jumanji: The Curse Returns launches on Android.

The game sees you and three other players teaming up to try and get to the center of the Jumanji board. Along the way you’ll have to fight critters and work together to make sure you don’t get overwhelmed. Hey, let’s watch a trailer.

The game is already out on PC, as the above trailer testifies, and when it lands on mobile it’ll have cross-platform play. So that’s pretty cool. Oh, and it’s up for pre-registration on the Play Store.

You can pre-order Jumanji: The Curse Returns by clicking here. When the game lands on November 17th, it’ll set you back $2.99. This is the end of the story, well done for getting all the way to the bottom.

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