Just Cause Mobile Soft Launched in Certain Territories

Earlier this year, Square Enix revealed that Just Cause Mobile, its free to play shooter set in the Just Cause universe, had been delayed until 2022. That was sad news, because explosions. But now we have some good news – the game has soft launched in Singapore and Malaysia.

The game is a top-down take on the swinging, shooting and exploding that have made the Just Cause series a ridiculous fan-favorite. It’s got a campaign, its got co-op and competitive multiplayer.

Oh, and it has explosions. Lots of explosions. Here’s a trailer that shows off some of those explosions and the different modes you can expect when the game launches worldwide next year.

Looking at the reviews the game currently has on its Play Store page, it looks like the soft launch might be a bit rocky. But, that’s the point of soft launches, to get all of the rocks out of the way before a proper launch.

If you live in Singapore or Malaysia, you can click here to download the game and have a play for yourself right now. We’ll let you know when we hear more about the game’s global launch.

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