Kaiju-A-Go-Go is a go on Google Play

Released by indie developers from Vancouver, Kaiju-a-go-go is a game where players use a 100 foot tall robotic monster, and attempt world domination. Players assume the role of  Norman E. Farious (N.E.Farious) who is the mad scientist that created the monster, aptly named Ginormasaurus.

Players will then use Ginormasaurus against the counter measures that the world sets up to stop you. The game will begin with an attack on the city of Anchorage, Alaska, as a test run of the machine’s capabilities. Once completed, players will retreat with the monster to a secret lair, to both store the stolen goods, and upgrade the mechanical beast  with new abilities, to then crush more cities and weaken the resolve of the people inhabiting that region of the globe. Once all the regions have surrendered, you win. Bear in mind that the world’s defenses will stiffen in time, so work quickly.

Kaiju-A-Go-Go Features:

– Single-player, real-time gameplay
– Conquer the world with your very own 100 foot monster at your command
– Grow and teach your Monster, shaping it with over 90 unique powers and attacks
– Crush, crumble and stomp 30 real world cities
– Battle over 30 different enemies in awesome real time battles across the globe
– Build up your very own Secret Lair with Training Facilities and Labs, as well as deadly devices and devious defenses for when the world comes looking for you

There are plans for future DLC, with each one in the series introducing a new Kaiju; each will be different from the others, with unique, trainable abilities. For those who supported them game’s crowdfunding venture on Indiegogo, they are to receive a lifetime license for all future DLCs, as they are available. No pricing has been announced as of yet but we’ll post an update with the link and that info as we get it.

Trailer is for the PC version of Kaiju-A-Go-Go.

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