Kairosoft launches a new horse racing themed sim called Stakes Ranch G1 in Japan

Well it looks like we have a couple of Kairosoft games heading our way in the very near future and the first one we are going to talk about is called Stakes Ranch G1. The name actually roughly translates from Japanese to English as Stakes G1 Ranch but we’ve taken the liberty of switching the name around a bit to make it actually sound like a title that makes sense.

Regardless of whatever way the title is supposed to be translated it could very well end up being something completely different when the game launches worldwide for the English audience on Android. So what is Stakes Ranch G1? Well this new game from Kairosoft is a horse racing themed sim, something a little different than the norm from Kairosoft.

Essentially you’ll be running your own horse racing track, complete with buildings, stalls, training areas. You will, of course, also be holding horse races on a regular basis. You will want to attract as many tourists as you can by adding additional building such as an Ice Cream Shop, Souvenir Shop and so on. You will also want to find the best horse trainers as possible with each one having their own set of attributes that can be increased the more they train and win races.

It also sounds like you will be able to breed horses in order to create the best possible race horses. You can’t just breed any horse you have though, only the ones that are finally retired from racing. This also sounds like your horse’s offspring and how good they are will depend on your stallion’s stats and overall race record when they retire. Races can be held both at your track and at tracks located around the world with your horses.

Right now Stakes Ranch G1 is available only in Japan so unless you live there or use an app like Market Unlocker, you will have to wait until the game is released worldwide before you can start breeding horses. The worldwide release of the game shouldn’t be too far away as Kairosoft usually has a fairly quick turnaround time from when their games are released in Japan and when they arrive in English.

Thanks to Alexander B. for the tip!

Google Play Link: Stakes Ranch G1 (Japan only)

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