Kairosoft launches a pirate themed sim for Japanese smartphones

Kairosoft has loaded up their weapons, stocked up their ships and has set sail onto the seven seas with a new pirate themed sim game which may or may not be in direct competition with Epic Devs’ upcoming title Epic Pirate Story. Since this new Kairosoft release, called Great Pirate Island Quest, is currently for Japanese residents right now, or will be shortly anyways, the description of the game is also in Japanese.

However we can figure out some of the details by translating the game’s official page using Google Translate. As of late we’ve gotten pretty good and deciphering Kairosoft’s game description that are in Japanese. From what we can tell it looks like players will be in command of a ship and its crew, starting off as a amateur treasure hunter before making your way up in notoriety.

Of course the life of a pirate has its own hazards to deal with such as other pirates looking for the same fame, glory and riches as you are. Monsters are also swimming around in the deep waters you are sailing on and encountering them or other pirates will result in having to battling it out in real-time fights. You won’t just be sailing the seas though.

Making land offers up the same style of sim game as many of Kairosoft’s other titles with developing a village, stocking up on supplies and weaponry for your ship, hiring on more crew and even upgrading your ship to a bigger model. This is all done be reinvesting all of that treasure you’ve managed to find, or plunder, into the village you call home and will be constantly docking at.

Since the translation of the game’s official page is a bit rough you will have to give us a bit of leeway on our deciphering how Great Pirate Island Quest will play out. If things follow the same pattern as Kairosoft’s other releases, we could see this new pirate sim arrive for gamers everywhere in the next month or so.

Website Referenced: Kairosoft (Japanese)

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