Kairosoft quietly unleashes a new game onto Android called Kairobotica

Kairosoft fans can say goodbye to any free time you thought you had over the next couple of days as Kairosoft has just released a new game onto Google Play called Kairobotica. This isn’t their standard sim game either and, on top of that, it is starring the Kairosoft mascot.

This game takes place in space and is a blend of Kairosoft’s usual great sim gameplay but this time it is meshed with RPG gaming. You will have to take on various enemies in order to protect your new space colony, with combat being a turn-based system similar in style to earlier Final Fantasy games.

Between missions, however, you will be in charge of growing your new space colony up from a small little town to a big space metropolis. You will be able to upgrade shields for it as well as construct different shops, as well as other structures, inside your colony to help you out. There is even a Pokemon style capture system where, while on patrol, you can capture strange animals and bring them back to your colony and display them for you, and your citizens, to looks at.

Kairobotica is a dangerous addicting blend of RPG and sim gaming that will more than likely make some people not see the sunlight for a couple of days. If you are ready to take on this game, you can grab a copy of it off of the Google Play store for the usual $4.99.

Thanks to Scott A for the awesome tip!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Google Play Link: Kairobotica

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