Kairosoft’s Your Dream House now also available on Google Play in Japan

We mentioned in our previous article that Kairosoft had released two new games onto Google Play for folks living in Japan and the second one is called Your Dream House. At least that is what it translates into and could easily be called something else when it launches for English players worldwide.

This particular game looks to be very similar to The Sims in terms of what you will be doing in the game. While it is titled Your Dream House, and it is all about building your dream house, things like employment and your love life and future family affect how you are able to built this dream house of yours.

You will be able to create special themed rooms inside your house such as a theater room and gaming rooms. Even though the description, roughly translated, reads like this is a Sims style of game, looking at the screenshots makes it seem like you’re actually building an entire apartment complex with the amount of rooms and people that seem to just wander through your house.

There are also achievements, known as titles, for you to try and achieve in this game such as “leader of the world” and “top model of the magazine” which seem mostly geared towards your career. We aren’t sure exactly what magazine that is but it must be pretty awesome. It also sounds like you’ll be able to interact with your friends who happen to be playing Your Dream House as well although it doesn’t exact go into depth as to how that works.

Rough translation aside, and possibly the few errors in our write up due to the rough translation, Your Dream House does look like an interesting game, especially if you’re a fan of the Sims type of games. Kairosoft’s turnaround on bringing their Japanese releases to a worldwide audience is pretty quick so don’t be surprised if we are reporting on this game again in a couple of weeks being available for everyone.

Thanks to Alexander B. for the tip!

Google Play Link: Your Dream House (Japan Only)

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