Kairosoft unleashes another game to massacre your free time with called Mega Mall Story

How lucky for all of us who have plans for the New Years weekend as Kairosoft has unleashed another member of the ‘Story’ games onto Android, this time in the form of Mega Mall Story. Now you can be addicted to a new Kairosoft game while trying to have fun partying this weekend.

As the name suggests, in this particular game you will be in charge of a mall and it’s growth into possibly the best mega mall around. Of course you will be able to add just about any kind of units inside your mall to attract more and more customers to shop there. Everything from fast food to sushi, stores and lots of them, elevators, stairs and even a heliport can all be added although there is plenty of more options than just those ones.

Mega Mall Story also comes with a rather interesting feature where, once you hit a certain popularity with your mall it becomes flooded with customers in a ‘Fever’ event. When this happens you can invest in outside area of the mall to attract even more customers while showing you’re a good citizen as well. Of course there is the same level of addictiveness that is generally found in all of Kairosoft’s titles as well as all the great retro style pixel art.

If you are ready to possibly screw up your New Years weekend by having your face glued to your mobile device playing a new Kairosoft game, you can go ahead and download it off the Android Market for $4.99.

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Website Referenced: Android Police

Android Market Link: Mega Mall Story

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