Kairosoft unleashes Pocket League Story in English for Android

Say goodbye to your free time once more as Kairosoft has unleashed another game, fully translated into English, for use Android gamers to enjoy. Pocket League Story is now available where you will be in charge of running a successful Soccer team and manage everything that comes with the territory.

As with all Kairosoft games, you’ll be treated to some excellent pixel art while you manage your new soccer team, handpicking players, training them and battling your way to become champions… hopefully. You will also be in charge of growing your fan base through building a stadium, selling merchandise and of course, winning games.


With all of that said, you will also need to acquire sponsors in order for your team to grow. The biggest the sponsor, the better team you will have, better merchandise and so on. You will also get to build a gym for your players to train in among other great little features that you find in Kairosoft games. With that said, expect to lose plenty of free time now that another Kairosoft game is available for Android in English.

You can download Pocket League Story off the Android Market for $4.95.

Thanks to Roger Lyons for the tip!

Developer Website: Kairosoft

Android Market Link: Pocket League Story

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