Kemco drops the price of three games for a limited time on Google Play

Kemco, developers of a slew of retro-style RPGs on Android, have decided to place three of their games on sale for a limited time starting today. This is a small Autumn sale that the company is holding, with each game going on sale for 88% off their regular pricing. This brings the price down for each game to $0.99.

Blood of Calamity and Symphony of Eternity

The three games that Kemco has discounted are Symphony of Eternity, Blood of Clamaity, and Rusted Emeth. All of these games have been out for a bit now, so they are not new releases or anything like that. All of these games feature storylines where you’re heading out to save the world from some sort of evil, so it’s more about which style of storyline you happen to like.

The sale on all three of these games starts now and ends within a week. All three are also priced at $0.99 for this sale.

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