Kemco puts four games on sale for a at least 80% off for a limited time

Kemco has decided to put up a few of their games on sale for a limited time over on Google Play. Usually when Kemco does a sale they will put up like 8 or more of their games at a discounted price. For whatever reason though this sale only has four games but all of them have been discounted by at least 80%.

So what four games has Kemco dropped the price on? Well here is a list! However, all four are not on sale at the same time. Each week in July there will be a new game getting its priced dropped down to $0.99. So each game below will also have the dates that they will be on sale.

Eclipse of Illusion

Eclipse of Illusion (July 1st to Jul 7th)
Grace of Letoile (July 8th to Jul 14th)
Asdivine Menace (July 15th to Jul 21st)
Legna Tactica (July 22th to Jul 29th)

So, this week’s game that is on sale is Eclipse of Illusion for $0.99. Next week will be Grace of Letoile and so on. Regardless of what game it is, they will have a sale price of $0.99.

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