Kemco releases a new retro style RPG onto Android called Fortuna Magus

One company that specializes in bringing retro style RPGs to Android is Kemco and late yesterday evening saw the addition of a new title to their current catalog of games called Fortuna Magus. Unlike most RPGs of this nature, in this one you aren’t actually out to save the world. Instead you are looking to find and save the main character’s missing father.

In Fortuna Magus you’ll be playing as Amane and Tia who are determined to find their missing father. One day, they encounter a magus who bears the same mysterious mark their father had on his arm. They offer him a room for the night, only to find themselves on the other side of the law for aiding a known magi.

This game features a pretty unique way to learn new skills and special abilities. During combat if you fulfill certain conditions you will end up being able to learn new skills an d abilities which can be anything from a new spell (attack or defensive) or new tandem attacks and so on. If you don’t fulfill the conditions to learn these new skills then you won’t learn them at all.

Character are also elementally aligned as well and through the use of magestones players can increase the level of elements they choose. This leads to further customization of your characters when you take this as well as how you learn new skills into account.

Kemco and their games are an interesting phenomenon in that people either really love their games or just don’t like them at all. There is really no in between with them. If you happen to enjoy their games, you can pick up Fortuna Magus off of Google Play for $3.99.

Google Play Link: Fortuna Magus

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