Kemco releases another RPG onto Android, this time its Destiny Fantasia

Kemco has been steadily releasing games onto Android for some time now and most of those games, aside from the occasional exception, are retro style RPGs. Well Kemco’s newest release is another retro RPG called Destiny Fanstasia and boasts 20+ hours of gameplay, making this one of the large Kemco titles.

While you will be saving the world once again in this game, the storyline is actually somewhat humorous. The main character ends up smacking (we assume it was something along those lines) an important person in the Empire after he loses his temper. His village was destroyed so you can’t blame the guy but this sets off a chain of events that will eventually lead to the end of the world unless he stops it.

Kemco always likes to try new things with their games and Destiny Fantasia is no exception. There is no leveling system in this game and instead characters will gain strength and attribute points after each battle. These are allocated based on how your character is played. So if you’re more of a physical attack character, these points are put into attributes to enhance that. Same goes for a more magic using character.

Destiny Fantasia also has plenty of side-quests and areas to explore so you don’t always have to stay on the main path the storyline takes you. This game features extra content that can be purchased through IAPs but it is just that, extra content. The game itself can be play 100% without spending a dime on IAPs, just on the cost of actually getting the game which is $2.99.

Google Play Link: Destiny Fantasia

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