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Kemco’s Latest JRPG Liege Dragon is Out Right Now on Android

Kemco has just launched its latest mobile JRPG Liege Dragon on Google Play as a premium app just shy of $10.

The story involves you striving to defeat a revived dragon by collecting the Dragon Tools of the Three Heroes.

Liege Dragon Sees You Attempting to Defeat a Revived Dragon

It features the usual cliché tropes of a princess struggling to rule a kingdom following her father’s death and an amnesiac young man.

But, then again, that’s probably exactly what you want from a JRPG that aims to ape the classics.

There are loads of enemies to defeat in turn-based battles, Sorcery Stones that let you learn skills, weapon upgrades, and more.

So head on over to Google Play right now and grab Liege Dragon, Kemco’s latest JRPG.

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