The Kemono Friends: Kingdom Android Release Date is Finally Here

Kemono Friends: Kingdom official artwork, depicting three of the animal girls snoozing under a tree in a forest.

Anime fans, rejoice! The Kemono Friends: Kingdom Android release date is finally here, bringing the mobile gacha game to a phone near you.

You can grab it right now on Google Play if you’re interested. We also recommend checking out our Kemono Friends: Kingdom codes and Kemono Friends: Kingdom tier list to help get you started.

What’s Kemono Friends: Kingdom?

It’s a mobile game that takes place in the same universe as the hit anime series. You befriend over 400 animal girls – many of which you will recognise from the TV series.

You can get to know them over the course of the game’s plot, and create a party out of them to send them into battle against your enemies.

Each of the animal girls draws inspiration from a real life animal, and is even named after them in many cases. You might even recognise the animal from their appearance.

How Does it Play?

Or, you can simply explore the eponymous Kingdom, an abandoned theme park that the animal girls live in. Your goal is to save it from the azure monsters threatening to destroy it.

You won’t go it alone, though. As you explore the world of Kingdom, you’ll encounter a variety of mechanisms that dot the landscape, and will fight alongside you in battle.

Each animal girl also has a special ultimate skill that will deal enormous damage to your enemies. Utilising these at the right moment

When’s the Kemono Friends: Kingdom Android Release Date?

In case you weren’t paying attention at the beginning of the article, or you simply skipped down to this bit, the Kemono Friends: Kingdom Android release date is today, July 13.

If it doesn’t take your fancy, we recommend checking out our best new Android games this week feature. Here, we highlight the best new games that you can play.

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