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Kero Blaster Finally Landing on Android Next Week

Action platformer Kero Blaster first launched on iOS seven years ago, and it’s landed on a bunch of other consoles since then. But next week, it’s finally coming to Android.

The game sees you playing as a bipedal frog, blasting enemies over a series of challenging levels. You get stronger as you play, upping your HP and gaining more powerful weaponry.

Everything is presented in chunky pixels, and there are some interesting, direction switching controls that will keep you on your toes. There’s a silly charm to the experience, as well as some excellent violence.

Kero Blaster is loads of fun, especially if you’re a fan of the genre. It mixes in new ideas with familiar play to create something pretty darn exciting. It’s a shame it’s taken so long to make it to Android, really. But here we are.

The game is scheduled to launch on Android on December 24th, alongside two stand-alone spinoffs Pink Hour and Pink Heaven. Those two will be free. Kero Blaster will be a premium game and set you back $5.99.

You can pre-register for Kero Blaster by clicking here. It’s a nice treat at the end of the year, and we reckon it’ll be well worth checking out.

Via TouchArcade

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