Kick9 picks the first mobile eSports team for the upcoming championships in China for MOBA Legends

Kick9 are the developers behind the recently released MOBA game called MOBA Legends. This particular game has already been a part of a few mobile eSports tournaments (weekly events) and now the championships are going to be held in China to see which team is the best this year in the MOBA Legends league.

The developers have picked the first team that will be competing in the upcoming championships. Getting selected to compete means that each team has to meet certain criteria in order to qualify. So who is the first team? They go by the name of GodComplex which is made up of 3 members: Netzzie, Vaor and Sw1tchTV.

These three will be flying out to China and will be competing with other selected teams which will be announced in the near future. Between now and the championships, the weekly events will continue and this is where teams can earn points towards qualifying for the championship, as well as earn cash prizes. The championship itself has a $30,000 prize purse. All of the weekly event and the upcoming championship can be watched over on TwitchTV.

As more teams are announced, we will post updates as well as event/championship coverage.

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