Kickstarted Screen Joystick Coming to Android Devices

The ScreenStick, a joystick add-on for phones and tablets, has been fully funded in a recent, and still on-going Kickstarter campaign. 

The joystick funded is actually two joysticks for different gaming purposes. The Simulator Stick is one made for software including but not limited to fligh simulators. It is also good for turning your phone or tablet into a controller for model vehicles that offer wifi controls. The other stick is the Gaming Stick. This joystickis meant to be used with on screen d-pads and joysticks.

If you’re wondering how they attach, each stick comes with suction cups. While I won’t say this is something I would see my self using, it does seem like a decent idea for some people. Considering it has been fully funded and then some, other people probably think the same thing.

Website Referenced: Kickstarter

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