Kickstarter project started to bring PC adventure game Lilly Looking Through to Android tablets

A new Kickstarter project has been set-up recently by Geeta Games to bring their upcoming animated adventure game Lilly Looking Through to tablet gamers. This game features some unique art which any fan of indie games would enjoy.

As the game goes, you will be helping Lilly through her adventures in a rather fantastical world filled with magic and other wonders. Her plans are to rewrite the past, change the present and unlock what the future may hold. So far the PC/Mac/Linux version of this game has received some pretty good reviews so far with the demo version that is available for download.

However, as close to be released as this game is, Geeta Games wants to finish it in twice the time which was the original goal for this Kickstarter project. Now, almost having reached their $18,000 goal (currently sitting at $12K+) Geeta Games has made a stretch goal of $36,000 in order to bring Lilly Looking Through to both Android and iOS tablets.

This looks like a pretty promising adventure game so if you are up for helping out with funding, hit up the link below. There are also links on the Kickstarter page to the demos if you want to try it out for dropping a few bucks in support of bringing this PC game to Android tablets.

Developer Website: Kickstarter

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