Kiko: The Last Totem puzzle game for Android now available

There is a new puzzle game on the Android Market from Fabulapps called Kiko: The Last Totem. This is Fabulapps first release onto Android and Kiko: The Last Totem is a pretty challenging puzzle game with plenty of content to go through.

The goal of the game is to navigate Kiko, along with some of his friends later on in the game, to solve each stage in order to eventually retrieve the last totem of the gods that happens to have been stolen. To navigate and complete each level, you have to get all of Kiko’s friends and himself into the proper spots. This is done by swiping each character around, using the surroundings to your advantage.

Kiko: The Last Totem Features:

– Solve over 80 exciting and fun levels, divided in three levels of difficulty
– Create your own levels with the easy-to-use Level Editor and send them to your friends
– Unlock special upgrades and new levels
– Hours of swiping puzzle fun
– Georgous & Crisp graphics

Kiko and friends move in a straight line until they are stopped by an object, otherwise they will keep going. Using this technique, you’ll have to get them to their appropriate matching spots which can be really challenging to actually accomplish. Currently the game has 80 levels but taking a quick peek over at the iOS version reveals to us that Kiko will eventually get a lot more considering the iOS version has over 150 of them.

Another great feature is the level editor where you can create your own levels. You are also able to challenge friends as well which is done by emailing a friend with the level you created and want to challenge them with. Kiko: The Last Totem is available for download off of the Android Market for free and you can check the game out in the video above. There are in-game purchases available with different upgrades and boosters which are optional. The level editor is also an in-game purchase as well.

One last thing to note, some devices may experience a bug where you can’t actually select a level. I encountered this with my LG G2X.

Developer Website: Fabulapps

Android Market Link: Kiko: The Last Totem

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