Kill Box – Destroy evil robot boxes for as long as you can

There is a great little continuous racing game out right now from Andoop Team called Kill Box. The world has been taken over by evil robot boxes and it is your job to destroy them all using a variety of weapons and power-ups along the way.

Since this is a continuous runner, you will be running through an endless level using a variety of weapons to destroy the onslaught of evil boxes who are hell bent on stopping you. There are all kinds of enemies that you will have to deal with from the little grunt boxes, all the way up to the big spaceship flying ones. Your goal is to kill as many robot boxes as possible while surviving for as long as possible.

Your controls are simple enough, hit the jump button to avoid obstacles like spikes, rocks and pits. Use the fire button to shoot your bullets and you also have a special attack button as well that, when your meter is full, will decimate a bunch of enemies all at once. There are also plenty of power-ups that when you grab then help you get further along.

Kill Box is just a cool time killer type of game that is actually very well done. At some points it seems a bit difficult to actually make certain jumps due to the placement of rocks and spikes with you being unable to control the height of your jump. Other than that though Kill Box is a solid title to waste a little time playing. You can download this game off of the Android Market for free and the developers do release different themes you can play through.

Developer Website: Andoop Team

Android Market Link: Kill Box

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