Kill Screen’s CREATE competition for OUYA winners selected

Last week the finalists were selected for Kill Screen’s CREATE game competition for the upcoming Android-powered console OUYA. The finalists were all pretty strong in all the categories including the one for the grand prize. Now the winners have been selected for each category and here are the results.

Grand Prize Winner: Strange Happening on Murder Island by FreeLives – This is a side-scrolling dual thumbstick action shooter where our heroes are stranded in a tropical paradise. Things start going crazy and attack them, and much adventure ensues. This game features a top-down perspective and Minecraft-style arts, which you can see in the video below.

Most Surprising Award: Television by Laboratory Games LLC

Four Bright Buttons and Two Joysticks Award: Bombball by E. McNeill

Most Immersive Award: Whispering Willows by Night Light Interactive

Pop Your Eyes Out Award: Pipnis by Santa Ragione

Best Couch with Friends Award: 2D Cube Zombie Platformer by Molinware

Best Game Created Using Unity3D: Stikbold by Team Stikbold

Each winner in the categories aside from the Grand Prize one will each receive $5,000. The Grand Prize winner will take home a cool $20,000. So with these winners now selected, what ones would you change if you had a chance? Let us know in the comments below.

Website Referenced: Engadget

Official Website: Kill Screen CREATE

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