Kinect-style gameplay coming to an Android device near you soon

Have an XBOX360 or a PS3 along with Kinect or Move? Like it? Well we will be seeing this sort of gameplay coming soon to Android devices in the very near future from a company called XTR3D. Named iZi, this app when installed will allow you to play games (and other functions) with nothing more than gestures.

By gestures we mean waving your hand to slash at someone in the game, not swiping a finger while it is on the screen. In other words, touch-free gesture controls. While you may not exact do this in public (or maybe you will), playing games at home or anywhere else that isn’t so public might become a lot more… interactive.

You won’t have to buy any extra hardware either since it is software based and uses the front-facing camera, which is obviously a requirement for this to work. Luckily most new Android phones and tablets these days come with front-facing cameras. According to XTR3D, this will be compatible with any game or application without the need to modify it. We are guessing you’ll be able to map out the gestures you want to use yourself.

Currently in private beta for Laptops, the mobile version will be following shortly after. Until then, here are two promo videos showing you both gaming and other application uses for iZi, albeit slightly cheesy promo videos.

Of course in theory this is all great, we shall see how it works out in real life though. Seems promising though!

Developer Website: XTR3D

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