King of Fighters ALLSTAR Gets New Fighters and Events in its False Halloween Update

Netmarble’s King of Fighters ALLSTAR has just received a consignment of new fighters in its latest update. The studio has also announced a False Halloween event, running from March 17th to April 6th, through which several new fighters will be made available.

These include Halloween Night Neidern, Halloween Night Li Xiangfei, and Halloween Night Blue Mary, as well as Igniz from The King of Fighters 2001, and Alice from The King of Fighters XIV. 

You can buy them all through the in-game store. 

Missions, Dungeons, and More Are Part of the False Halloween event

The False Halloween event will also contain the Halloween Cake Guard Dungeon, the False Halloween Super Mission, and more, while a Pumpkin Head Dungeon will become available on March 24th and a 2001 May Lee Roulette Event will go live on March 31st.

Basically, keep an eye on King of Fighters ALLSTAR, because there’s all sorts of premature Halloween stuff going down.

You can download it right here.

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