Wield the Keyblade Once More In Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Android Beta

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If you’re an Android KH fan who’s been patiently waiting for your beta application to come back while iOS users got all the love, good news. Square Enix is running yet another round of tests for the Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link Beta, This time, the testers are Android users.

The lucky few will get to go hands-on with the mobile adaptation of the beloved RPG series, and maybe even shape its development before release.

Hope Your Inbox Isn’t a Deep Dark Corridor!

The Kingdom Hearts Missing-Link closed beta for Android phones kicks off April 25th at 7:00 AM UTC. And runs until May 2nd at 8:59 AM UTC. If you pre-registered, watch your email around April 19th to see if you scored a spot!

Become a Beta Tester

Testers give valuable comments that could affect how the game is made before it releases. The game uses real-world location technology but not in the traditional way. It gives you a chance to explore the world around and fight some very familiar Heartless.  The game will be fun for old and new fans, with battles against Heartless and Nobodies and earning and improving medals and Keyblades.

Coming up on the closed beta test, fans are getting increasingly excited, waiting for their chance to play as a Keyblade user again.

Getting into the beta is like fighting for a spot on the guest list at a fantastic new club. Square Enix is inviting only a particular group of testers because there is only so much room. There is no longer any time to sign up because the application process for closed beta tests on iOS and Android has ended. But you can still look for chances in the future by keeping tabs on their official twitter page!

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