Kingdom: New Lands is on sale for its lowest price ever right now

Kingdom: New Lands Android

Kingdom: New Lands, the gorgeously pixelated survival simulator, is currently on sale for its lowest ever price on Google Play.

You play as a monarch who travels to new lands to build up a kingdom entirely from scratch.

Kingdom: New Lands is a different sort of survival simulator

That involves recruiting locals to gather resources, build defences, and battle against the army of undead that appears at night.

You, as the monarch, ride around a variety of gorgeous landscapes on the back of your horse, seeking out treasure and ordering your workers about.

There are a variety of different lands to explore and make your own, which increase in difficulty as the game goes on.

If you haven’t played this yet, now’s the time to get involved as it’s on sale for its lowest price ever. Go and grab it on Google Play.

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