Kingdom Rush Vengeance: pre-register now on Google Play

Kingdom Rush Vengeance Android

You can now pre-register for Kingdom Rush Vengeance, the upcoming new entry in the Kingdom Rush saga.

As before, you’ll complete a variety of challenging tower defence levels by placing defensive and offensive towers in strategic locations.

Then, a horde of enemies will try and get past your towers to make it to the end of the level. Let any through and you’ll lose health.

Kingdom Rush Vengeance is the latest entry in the tower defence saga

If you beat all of the enemies before you die, you win. If not, you lose – obviously.

There are 16 new towers, nine heroes, 35 enemy types, and a variety of upgrades to make everything more powerful. That’s a lot of content.

So go and pre-register for Kingdom Rush Vengeance on Google Play right now to grab it as soon as it’s out.

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