The final chapter of King’s Raid’s first season is here

King’s Raid is one of the most popular and acclaimed mobile RPGs to have come out of Korea in the last few years. A top 10 title in 69 countries, it manages a level of polish and playability that few games can match.

It sees players collecting characters, building teams, and venturing out into a stunning 3D world for a spot of PvP, some some party play, or perhaps some guild activities, or an assault on a terrifying world boss. You know the sort of thing.

This is a momentous occasion in the world of King’s Raid, as the story of Pandemonium – the game’s first long season – is coming to an end with chapter 9.5, and a new beginning is just around the corner.

Chapter 9 saw the Knight of the Holy Sword, Kasel, falling into darkness in the land of the dead, where the battle with the Dark Lord took place a century ago. This was not a great moment for Kasel, and things aren’t looking up much as we enter chapter 9.5.

Kasel is still in darkness, while the heroes try to rescue him amid chaos in the Kingdom of Orvelia. It’s certainly an exciting climax to the season.

Class act

In gameplay terms, the latest update brings with it a new in-game system, Class Buff. Class Points are acquired whenever you obtain or upgrade a new hero, and you receive specific Buff Points based on each class.

For instance, if you add an archer to your army, you’ll get points to upgrade the entire archer class. This applies to PvE and PvP, and both offensive and defensive stats.

In addition, developer Vespa has carried out numerous other design tweaks to Ancient Royal Vault, Conquest, Stockade, Upper Dungeon, and more, as well as tweaking the levelling up method for skills.

Head to Google Play or the App Store to check it out.

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