Kiz Studios brings their physics-based puzzle game Chuck the Muck over to Android

Kiz Studios are the developers of the rather enjoyable Critter Escape game that was released onto Android not too long ago. The company is back with a new game called Chuck the Muck and features physics-based puzzles that you’ll need to solve by throwing muck around each stage.

Players will be flinging Chuck around each stage, collecting all the gems in each stage in order to keep him happy. Of course there are plenty of obstacles and hazards in the way and some of the gems will require some strategic thinking if you want to get to them.

Chuck the Muck Features:

– simple, high-flying trajectory controls
– interactive “Muck Physics”
– 40 challenging levels
– 4 unique environments
– hidden content and bonus levels
– earn achievements and collect rewards

Chuck the Muck feature hidden bonus stages and what the developers are calling ‘interactive Muck Physics’ which is basically the ability to use the trampoline type muck in each stage to bounce your little glob of a monster around in order to collect those gems he wants.

If you’re up for checking out a new physics-based puzzle game then you might want to grab Chuck the Muck off of Google Play. Downloading it will cost you a whole lot of nothing.

Google Play Link: Chuck the Muck

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