Knight’s Edge is an Interesting Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler

There are plenty of midcore dungeon crawlers on the Play Store, but Knight’s Edge adds enough unique twists to the experience to make it worth a mention.

The game is a team-based multiplayer experience that sees you trawling through levels and killing everything in sight. You control it with a single digit, attacking automatically when a foe is in range.

While your team of three is battling through the dungeon, an opposing team is doing the same in a parallel one. You need to kill the big boss before they do, and both teams can jump into the other’s dungeon to interfere and earn boosts.

It’s a decent chunk of fun, and while it might be lacking a bit in depth, it’s a decent size for quick-dive hacking and slashing. There are weapons to collect and power-up, and a season pass system to unlock special goodies.

Right now the game is running a collaboration with Tribe Gaming that lets players dive into some content built around the company’s creators. You’ll get neat axes for doing it.

If any of that sounds like it might be of interest to you, you can click here to download Knight’s Edge from the Play Store right this second.

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