Konami to bring a second Yu-Gi-Oh game to Android in the near future called Duel Generation

Konami will be releasing a second game based off of the Yu-Gi-Oh franchise called Duel Generation. Unlike the first Yu-Gi-Oh title that the company released, called BAM Pocket, this one will feature mechanics much more in-tune with the Pokemon Trading Card Game Online that was released recently for the iPad.

The big deal about this new Yu-Gi-Oh game, according to Konami, is that it is the most complete one to date. Apparently all of the other Yu-Gi-Oh games that have come out for mobile, which is you use an Android device is a total of one, were not as complete as people had hoped they would be. Duel Generations will be different in that respect. Considering that Duel Generation will apparently launch with over 6,000 cards, with more to be added in future updates, this could very well be true in regards to this game being the most complete.

This game will also feature both online and offline battles. Offline you can go against other characters from the Yu-Gi-Oh universe and online you can go up against other players in head-to-head PvP matches. Konami also has weekly challenges for players to partake in if they want to. Overall it is a big game that has been developed for new players as well as experts.

For those of you interested in grabbing a copy of this game when it launches, it will be free like most other TCG titles. No release date has been announced but word on the internet is that it should be out by the end of this month. We will post an update when it does launch onto Google Play for Android Tablets.

Official Website: Yu-Gi-Oh Duel Generation

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

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