Kongregate announces $10 million development fund for mobile game developers

Following the growing trend of publishers offering up development funds for mobile game developers, Kongregate has announced their own development fund to the tune of $10 million dollars to help mobile game developers finish their games and help get them much needed exposure across iOS and Android.

Kongregate, which has had their app on Google Play for awhile now that lets Android gamers play mobile friendly Flash games, will provide financial assistance, consulting services and marketing support for developers who create free-to-play mobile titles for Kongregate’s platform. While Kongregate will provide these services to mobile game developers, GameStop will promote said games through their network as well which sees 500 million people walking into their stores.

Between exposure through Kongregate’s app on iOS and Android, social media outlets and GameStop’s network, that is a hell of a lot of valuable exposure for mobile game developers. Exposure for new mobile games has been the bane of every new mobile game developer who doesn’t happen to be a major studio.

For those of you interested in applying to be a part of this new funding venture from Kongregate, you can head on over to Kongregate’s new developer portal for this fund and sign up for consideration.

Official Website: Kongregate Mobile Developers Fund

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