Kongregate Arcade app back on the Android Market, still just as sexy

The other week Kongregate, the internet’s biggest community Flash gaming site, released their much awaited Arcade app for Android onto the market, only to have it pulled off within hours by Google. The reason? It was in violation of the Android Market Developer Distribution Agreement because the app itself was distributing other apps.

This, however, wasn’t true and obviously our friends over at Kongregate and Google managed to work out whatever the issue was because now the Arcade app is back on the market for everyone to enjoy.


  • 300+ Flash games with more on the way
  • Share and review ratings, comments and high scores with others
  • Collect exclusive, mobile-only badges on top games
  • Download Flash files for offline play
  • Fully integrated with your Kongregate account


It is fully integrated into the Kongregate site meaning if you have an account there, you have all the features you would normally have via your browser available to use including earning points and badges. You’ll also receive 50 bonus points if you download and install the application onto your Android device right now.

So what are you waiting for? Best to go get it now just in case something else happens to it. You’ll be able to download it off the Android Market for free, off GetJar, from the actual Kongregate site.

Developer Website: Kongregate

Download Links: GetJar | Kongregate | Android Market

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