Kongregate publishes their first individual game onto Android called Escape

While we have been enjoying the Kongregate app on Android for some time now, allowing us to play optimized Flash games on our Android devices, they haven’t published anything else. That has changed though as Kongregate has published an individual game on the Android Market called / Escape \.

/ Escape \ is an indie game developed by Incredible Ape which was originally free to play in Flash on the Kongregate website. Now it is available as a native game on the Android Market. In this game you have to climb walls, avoid obstacles and generally do whatever you can to climb out of the rather deep hole you’ve gotten yourself into. Good news is you are a pixelated ninja. / Escape \ won gold medals in the Audio, Visuals, and Overall categories in the Ludum Dare 21 Competition last year.

One interesting thing about this game aside from the great retro style it has is the fact that this is the first game released where you can earn badges and achievements on the Kongregate site as well as being able to score GameStop PowerUp Rewards. you can also sign into your Kongregate account within the game. Even better is the fact that this is completely native running so it won’t be played through the Kongregate application.

If you are interested in picking up this little gem of a game, you can do so off the Android Market for $0.99.

Developer Website: Kongregate

Website Referenced: PocketGamer

Android Market Link: / Escape \

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