Krosmaster Arena enters 3rd beta testing phase. Full release coming this Summer

Krosmaster Arena has entered its third beta testing phase after being completely reinvented with full 3D animation. Korsmaster is a PC game which has a multiplayer PvP spin-off called Krosmaster Arena. While the main game is a PC title, this Arena spin-off is slated for a full release on PC, Mac, and mobile devices.

Korsmaster Arena features all of the characters from Dofus and Wakfu in one title where players go up against other players to see who will come out on top. After picking the character you want to use, players enter into one of the maps that are available and using the abilities of that character, as well as different items and gear, you will battle it out for supremacy.

This third beta brings with it:

– The maps, as well as the characters, the cards, even the spells: everything makes the transition to the third dimension, with spectacular animations!
– The kroz won by playing will now allow you to obtain every single figurine!
– These virtual figurines can be unlocked directly in-game.
– A new leagues and rewards system is put in place, still with the same underlying goal: smash their figurines in!

In total Krosmaster Arena comes with over 100 collectible figurines, 4 game modes, 6 different environments and a PVP arena. However this beta is for the PC version of the game but if you want to get in ahead of the global launch, which will include mobile devices, then you might want to sign-up for this beta even though it is PC.

Official Website: Krosmaster Arena Beta

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