KT’s Spider wants to be every type of device you want

First there was the Motorola Atrix which could be turned into a laptop through the use of the Laptop dock along with the Webtop software. Tack on a multimedia port and you were pretty much set with the Atrix doing just about everything, except for being a tablet or a portable gaming console. Meet KT’s Spider concept phone.

This concept phone from KT is a pretty interesting idea that will be coming to Korea stores very soon. While normally a Gingerbread running Android phone, through the use of some extra peripherals it can also be a laptop, a tablet and a portable gaming console. This bad boy was on display at IFA 2011.

The laptop dock is just as it sounds. When you plug your phone into it you will be able to use it like a laptop with a full keyboard and all. Similar to what the Atrix offers. However, not settling for that, KT has also developed a tablet dock and a gaming control dock as well. Plug the phone into the tablet dock and now you have a full Android tablet. Toss it into the gaming pad dock and you will have a PSP shaped Android phone with a D-pad on one side and some button on the other for you to use while gaming.

The device itself is pretty solid in terms of hardware sporting a 4.5″ screen running at 1280×800 resolution, 1.5GHz dual-core Qualcomm chip with 1GB of RAM and 16GB of internal storage. If you aren’t drooling over this just yet, check out the videos above and below to correct the lack of drooling issue you are having. No word on pricing or if it’ll make it to any sort of international release. It will be in stores in Korea either in November or December.

Website Referenced: AndroidPIT via Engadget

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