Camping Sim Laid-Back Camp: All-In-One Lands On Android

Feature image for our Laid-Back Camp: All-In-One news piece. It shows several characters stood round a camp fire in a circle of tents and chairs on pebble ground.

Laid-Back Camp: All-In-One touched down on Android this week, with the chance for gamers on the platform to pitch tents and cook food with beloved characters.

The game is based on the popular anime and manga series Yuru Camp, or Laid-Back Camp, a story that follows the adventures of a group of girls in their school’s camping club.

So, no points for guessing what this game is about.

Campfires And Cup Noodles

Laid-Back Camp: All-In-One is a camping sim that gives you a chance to join some familiar faces from the series in some iconic Japanese locations to set up camp.

Gameplay involves preparing the campsite and placing various different pieces of equipment down that your campers might need. You can also craft items like campfires where they’re necessary.

There’s a cooking mechanic that lets you create various different dishes and set the plates and bowls up around the campsite.

The characters will move around and chat together, with a selection of fully-voiced lines.

The props come rendered in 3D, and you can move around, rotate, and generally arrange them in the most aesthetic way you can manage.

A Few Useful Tips For Your Own Adventures

These camp-building sessions come peppered with bits of story, as well as real-world camping tips that you might find useful if you spend much time in the outdoors, like when pinecones are suitable to burn.

Laid-Back Camp All-In-One gives you a bunch of scenic backdrops, which look quite pretty, though can look a little uncanny next to the simplistic character chibis. Some things work better in 2D.

If this sort of thing sounds right up your street, you can pick up Laid-Back Camp: All-In-One as a free download now via Google Play.

If you’re not quite sold on it and you’re looking for some other fresh titles, check out our feature on the best new Android games this week.

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