Landlord Real Estate Tycoon lets you pretend to be a landlord in your actual city

Ever had the burning desire to become a slum lord in real life? Me too! Of course you can go the boring route and actually be a good landlord. Regardless of which way you decide to go, there is a new game out now that lets you be the landlord of your dreams, whatever that happens to be. What’s even better is that this game will let you do it in your own city.

Officially called Landlord Real Estate Tycoon, this game mixed the tycoon style of gameplay with location-based features, making it somewhat like a real world monopoly. This game will mimick real-world economics and market conditions, allowing you to purchase venues from a selection of 50 million options worldwide. It also allows for property trading as well, turning the world into a virtual monopoly board. This means you can purchase real estate and charge other players rent when they check-in to a property you own.

In terms of how detailed this game will be, this game will follow the actual changes in tax law, inflation and deflation, local- and global- economic conditions, as well as real property price movements gathered from global news feeds. In other words, it’s a very in-dept and detailed game. Once you own a property, you can start upgrading them as well. You’ll be able to add things like WiFi, karaoke evenings and VIP areas, all of which will go towards boosting your rent.

You will also need to manage your portfolio and budget, because no matter what you will need to make sure you have enough money to pay your daily property charges. The goal, obviously, is to force other players into bankruptcy. If you plan to play this game, you will need either a Facebook or FourSquare account to enable real-time rent collection and other features. For those of you interested, you can download Landlord Real Estate Tycoon off of Google Play for free with optional IAPs which is mainly for extra in-game money if you are impatient.

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