Laplace M is a mobile MMORPG based on the PC original

Laplace M Android

Laplace is the latest PC MMORPG franchise to get itself a mobile tie-in. You can pre-register for the upcoming Laplace M right now.

This is your traditional anime medieval fantasy MMORPG. You’ll create a character from a bunch of different classes and head out on adventure.

Laplace M will enter closed beta on January 10

You’ll collect pets to join you and customise your appearance from a variety of different costume items.

There’s very little information out there about the game right now. You can check out the official site or Facebook page if you’d like to try and learn more.

If you’re already sold, we recommend pre-registering right now to get your hands on a few rare cards for free at launch.

A closed beta test will start on January 10, so there’s not long to wait to get a taste of it in action.

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