Larry the Squirrel’s Play Corner: Blasting Your Way to Fun!

Well the squirrel is running today with two must get games. First off we have an oldie (sort of) but a goodie and for the second, a relatively recently released endless running game. So let’s jump on into it shall we?

Galaga Special Edition by Namco Networks

Name:  Galaga Special Edition | Developer: Namco Networks | Category: Arcade & Action| Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.6 | Size: 35 MB | Price: Free  |

I have put many a quarters in the old arcade machines back in the 80’s and Galaga was one of them!  When I saw this game came out, I downloaded it immediately. This is a free game so there are ads but most of us have learned to live with them. If you have ever played this classic arcade shooter then you will be very familiar on how to play.  Namco has done a great job updating the game- the graphics are super and game play is smooth. It is definitely easier on the wrists.

The object of the game is to destroy the incoming enemy waves. To move your ship , simply slide your finger around the screen. The fighter will automatically fire, so the key is steering. In the game there is also a satellite which you can control to help with getting those fighters on the sides. There are 25 missions, broken up into 5 areas per region.  You have to play them in order. The game also has 5 challenges you can unlock and try. The game keeps track of high scores and some in game achievements. There is only one profile and you cannot save games.  If you want a trip down memory lane or looking for a fun shooting arcade game, give my favorite Galaga a shot.

Jetpack Joyride by Halfbrick Studios

Name: Jetpack Joyride | Developer: Halfbrick Studios, Ltd. | Category: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: 1.3.5 | Size: 25.2 MB | Price: Free |

When I saw this game come out for iOS, I was hoping that Android would get it. Well we finally have it! This is a must get game.  You are Barry Steakfries and you have a jetpack. Your mission- fly through the lab as far as you can dodging missiles and electric beams and collect coins. From the coins you collect you can upgrade your jetpack and other accessories.  The key to the game is learning how to control your jetpack so you can collect the most coins and other bonus items.

The game is simply addicting and there is so much to it. Make sure you hit The Stash area. Here is where you can get the upgrades. Clothing, jetpacks, vehicle upgrades, utilities, and gadgets can all be upgraded or purchased (with coins) here. Note: You can only use 1 jetpack and have 2 gadgets equipped at a time. Once you get some coins you will definitely want to get some upgrades. In this area there is also your profile, where you can see your personal bests and whatever achievements you have earned. Finally there is the option to purchase coins.

So head over there and strap on your jetpack and see how far you can fly!

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