Larry the Squirrel’s Play Corner: Candy and Colors, a winning combination

Sorry that the squirrel has been out for a while but he is back at it. One of the reasons for being gone has to do with the first game he has been playing. This particular game seems to have sucked many people’s free time away from them.

Name: Candy Crush Saga | Developer: | Category: Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: Varies | Size: Varies | Price: Free |

Yes I broke down and started Candy Crush Saga. Who hasn’t? The game is a lot of fun and is challenging. If you like Tetris or Bejeweled, then you need to try the game. The premise is simple. Match at least three of the different colored candies to clear them from the board. Now that is the basics, on top of that you might need to beat the clock, finish in just so many moves, remove the fruit from the screen, and more. There is a lot of variety to the levels and most will take you multiple tries to finish successfully.

Most levels do not take a long time to finish (no matter what you outcome) so it is a game you can pick up and play when you just have a few minutes. The game can be played on your Android device or Facebook. The game is free but there are numerous in app purchases you can make to help you out. I am currently on level 62 and there currently over 300 levels in total. Not bad for a free game. Go crush some candy!

Name: Code Breaker Pro | Developer: Toftwood Creations | Category: Brain & Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 2.0.1 | Size: 2.8 MB | Price:  $1.19 |

Code Breaker is a remake of the popular boardgame in the 1970’s, Mastermind. A quick look on the market shows there a few of them out there. The premise of the game is that you need to guess the order of the color pegs behind the screen. The goal is to accomplish this in the least amount of moves. When you make a guess, a black pen indicates you right color in right spot, white peg indicates a correct color but in wrong spot.

The game can be played at three difficulty settings and you can allow for empty holes and repeat colors- both add to the challenge.  The graphics are not very high tech but definitely remind me of the old board game.  This is a thinking man’s game and a lot of fun. On feature that might be nice to add is a multi-player option, but other than that, this is a solid game. There is a free version also.

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