Larry the Squirrel’s Play Corner: Matching Mania – You choose Birds or Tumbleweeds

Well the Squirrel this week is working on his matching prowess. Both of the games featured today deal with your ability to plan and strategize in groups of three or more. Too bad it is no nuts are involved.

Birds on a Wire by Herocraft

Name: Birds on a Wire: Match 3 | Developer: HeroCraft  Ltd. | Category: Casual | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.10 | Size: 10 MB | Price: Free / $0.99 |

Birds on a Wire is a fun game where your job is to stop the birds on the wire from reaching the end. To do this, you shoot a bird from the cannon and try to make groups of 3 or more birds with the same color. When you do, they will disappear but more will take their place.  You can change the color of the bird before you shoot by tapping on the cannon.  If you shoot the birds with symbols, you earn bonuses. As you go along, you can collect coins to use in the shop to unlock more items.

The game has with a Lite and Full version. I really enjoy the music in the game and the graphics are quite good. There are 4 game modes: adventure, arcade, action, and infinity. The game allows for multiple profiles and you can setup the control sensitivity. There are also many in-game achievements you can try to achieve. Overall this is a fun and challenging game.

Boom Town by appMobi

Name: Boom Town | Developer:  appMobi Inc.| Category: Brain & Puzzle | Players: 1 | Version: 1.0.3 | Size: 10 MB | Price: Free / $2.99 |

Boom Town will remind you of Triple Town (a game I reviewed earlier). In the game you will be placing various items such as grass, shakes, cactus, snakes, etc on the board and your job is to build various things. Three grasses make a tumbleweed, three tumbleweed make a cactus, and three cacti make a shack, and so on. If you are unfamiliar with this type of game, there is a pretty nice tutorial and explanation section for your reference.  You can play the game as is or you can login into playMobii to play against others online, get badges, share high scores, and more.

This is a free game but there is of course in app purchases you can make to get more items and moves in the game. There is also a paid version (HD) which has no ads, infinite moves, and 20 dynamite. The graphics and music are nice and game play overall is pretty smooth. I did find that the screen seemed a bit busy or crammed, as the playing board is only ¾ of the screen. On a larger screen, there might not be as bad. Overall I liked the game partner.

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