Larva Labs quietly releases 8-bit retro RPG sequel called Gurk II

Fans of Larva Labs little 8-bit retro RPG game Gurk have some good news. After awhile of wanting and waiting in hope that a sequel of some ind would come out, Larva Labs quietly released Gurk II onto the Android Market. Chalk full of 8-bit retro RPG goodness, this is what all you Gurk fans have been waiting for.

Gurk 2 comes with all the retro 8-bit graphic eye candy that came in the first installment but with a large game. All the controls are on screen including a D-pad for movement and even a menu item for keeping track of your quests. There are a ton of new things in Gurk 2 that players of the first game have been requesting as well.


  • Great 8-bit retro graphics
  • Lots of quests
  • Much bigger game than the first one
  • Touchscreen controls and menu items
  • Improved look and layout
  • New monsters, items, skills, spells and effects both sound and visual



You will also be treated to true MIDI soundtracks and sounds just as if you were playing an old retro game from back in the day. Gurk fans are able to pick up Gurk 2 off the Android Market for an easy $0.99! Definitely worth getting if you played the first game or if you are just a general fan of old school RPGs. This actually came out last week but we just found it today, sneak Larva Labs!

Developer Website: Larva Labs

Android Market Link: Gurk 2

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