Last Cloudia x Fullmetal Alchemist Collab Starts March 16

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The Last Cloudia x Fullmetal Alchemist collab is just around the corner. From March 16 you can take part in the latest event. While the collaboration originally arrived back in 2021, the alchemists return with a brand-new storyline and flashy new characters.

Last Cloudia x Fullmetal Alchemist Collab Rewards

We don’t know who the new arks and units are at this current time. You can find out about the new characters on March 13 – so keep an eye out for the news! We’re keeping on top of all updates for this collaboration, so make sure to bookmark our news page to stay up to date.

You can obtain Alphonse Elric for free by taking part in the event – brilliant! You can purchase other familiar faces such as Roy and Edward. It looks likely that these will go for around 15,000 crystals, though this is not set in stone at the moment. 

New Characters and Banners

If you want the brand-new arks, you need to summon them via the event banner. As with every other gacha game, there is a pity system in place. You can guarantee a top tier character with 200 summons, though they can appear much earlier. Each summon costs 300 crystals, which are quite easy to earn if you have a ton of content to play through. 

If you’re new to the world of gacha gaming, it’s pretty common to see a plethora of games within the genre collaborating with popular anime franchises. 

It’s a fantastic way to open up the game to more players, and to give already existing players the opportunity to collect their favourite characters. Most of the time, these events also come with engaging side stories that feature characters from the anime too!

What is Last Cloudia?

Last Cloudia is a pixel fantasy RPG with real-time combat! Delve into the rich storyline and take part in exciting battles with your powerful team. Whether you wield the power of magic, or hold a sword against your enemies, you can explore the fantastical world of Granzelia. For more information on the game, visit the official website.

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