Last Resort is the Latest Game to get the ACA NeoGeo Treatment

Another week, another excellent arcade game making the leap to mobile. Last Resort is the latest game in the ACA NeoGeo series of re-releases, and you can grab it from the Play Store right now.

The game is a classic shooter that sees you trying to blast your way through a robotic insurrection. There are different weapons, special units you can use to block shots and more.

And, of course, there are enormous bosses. The early 90’s was possibly the greatest era of enormous bosses. Here’s a picture of one of them, so you can check out how enormous it is.

Alongside the retro-tastic gameplay, there are various tweaks and pokes that make the game much more playable on those touchscreen devices everyone has nowadays.

You can click here to download Last Resort ACA NeoGeo from the Play Store. It’s a premium game and it’ll set you back $3.99. You’d probably spend more than that on it if you saw it in an arcade.

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