The latest update to MU Origin brings 100 player battles and much, much more

MU Origin

MU Origin from Webzen is set to be updated to version 1.7. And alongside the usual tweaks and changes, there are some really interesting PvP additions to the game that are going to appeal to new and old players alike.

Perhaps the biggest change comes in the shape of Battlefield of Heroes. This is a cross-server scrap that features up to 100 players. There are some amazing rewards to be won, and not just from the PvP. Hunt bosses and mine to gain extra points as well.

Become a hero in the battlefield

Battlefield of Heroes runs every Tuesday and Friday at 21:00 to 22:00 server time, so you’ll need to make sure you’re in place at the right time to jump in and start earning.

If that wasn’t enough there’s the new Battle Core system as well. Again, this is a cross-server event, and it sees two well-balanced teams duking it out. You earn points from gathering chalices and taking out opposing players.

The first team to reach 1000 points wins. The winning side gets EXP, fame points, and achievement points for every victory they chalk up. You can enter the Battle Core daily at certain times, so it’s worth checking back often to try and rack up another victory.

Team up and win

You’ll also be able to team up with five players from different servers to take on two new server dungeons – Harmageddon and Elemental War. You’ll be tasked with taking out the final boss in under 15 minutes in Harmageddon, and fight endless waves of attacks in Elemental War.

Then there’s the new Relic and Soul Stone systems. Relics are items that can increase your character’s stats. To enhance your relics, which include Golden Grail, Golden Crown, Golden Sword, and Golden Scripture, you’ll need to grab Relic fragments from Battlefield of Heroes and Harmageddon.

Heart and soul (stone)

Soul Stones add elemental stats to your character. There are three different kinds – Orbium, Tris, and Quadion – and adding them in different combinations can have a variety of different results.

There are extra tweaks and additions to the game as well, which should ensure that players have always got something to be doing. Version 1.7 of MU Origin is a free download from the App Store (get) and Google Play (get).

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