League of Angels: Pact Mobile Is Out Now

League of Angels: Pact, a browser idle MMORPG success story, has now arrived on Android. 

It looks to be an early success on mobile too, with over 350,000 players pre-registering for the game, and it being featured by Google Play.

So why has the game garnered so much attention? It’s likely as it’s a title that’s been designed to appeal to a range of players – not just hardocre RPG devotees. Instead the experience boasts depth and accessibility, not an easy balance to strike.

An entry in the well established idle-RPG genre, it’s based in a fantasy universe where angels rule. You have to summon these angels, make sure they’re equipped with the right gear, and then use them in battles.

These battles can be PvP, PvE, or as part of the game’s solo campaign. There are hundreds of angels in the game, with each one completely unique and boasting their own special skills.

What You Could Have Won

Players lucky enough to pre-register for the game received a number of rewards to use in-game as well, including the much sought after Epic Angel Reward-Wendy – as well as items including Diamond Chest*1, Legendary Shard*100, Normal Summon Orb*10 and Angel Essence*1000.

If you missed the pre-registration phase don’t fret though, as if you log into the game for seven consecutive days and complete specific tasks you can grab freebies that way too. This includes the Angel – Aurora and a Free Dream Outfit. 

There are numerous events you can get involved with too, with these mentioned on the game’s official Facebook and Discord accounts.

League of Angels: Pact Mobile is out now – just click here to be taken to its page on Google Play.

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