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League of Angels: Pact Mobile Receives A Google Play Recommendation

League of Angels: Pact Mobile just arrived on Android earlier this week and it’s already received an official Google Play recommendation. It’s still offering stacks of rewards for new players too.

So if you download the game and log in for seven consecutive days completing set tasks you’ll be amply rewarded. This includes grabbing the coveted Angel – Aurora as well as a Free Dream Outfit.

But what is Angel- Aurora, and what is League of Angels: Pact Mobile all about? Well we’re glad you asked. 

One thing to mention straight away is that it’s not a title just made for hardcore RPG fans – but has instead been designed to appeal to every skill level, while also boasting depth and accessibility.

The Best League In The World

Based in a fantasy universe dominated by angels, your task is to summon them – make sure they’re equipped with the right gear – then send them into battle.

The latest mobile product based on the popular League of Angels series, it originally made its name on browser – and now is making a significant splash on smaller screens.

Players who were fortunate enough to pre-register for the game received a number of rewards to use in-game too – such as the Epic Angel Reward-Wendy, Diamond Chest*1, Legendary Shard*100, Normal Summon Orb*10, and Angel Essence*1000.

All the game’s latest events and giveaways are constantly detailed on the game’s official Facebook and Discord accounts too.

League of Angels: Pact Mobile is out now – just click here to be taken to its page on Google Play. and see what all the fuss is about for yourself.

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