League of Legends Spin-Off Legends of Runeterra Will Launch on April 30th

Legends of Runeterra, the forthcoming strategy card battler from Riot Games, and set in the League of Legends universe, is coming out on April 30th.

The game has been out in soft launch since last month, but only in Singapore. It sees you battling with opponents using cards, Hearthstone-style.

Pre-Registrations Are Open

It’s different from Hearthstone in a few key ways, however. For one thing, it has League of Legends heroes in it instead of Warcraft ones. For another, it’s got a feature called Oracle’s Eye, which allows you to see the future and plan your moves accordingly. 

You can pre-register for Legends of Runeterra right now on Google Play, and you might as well because you’ll get a reward.

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